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Danphe is a comprehensive and fully integrated healthcare management solution developed by doctors and information technology experts to provide safe and efficient patient care while streamlining management and operations for hospitals and healthcare enterprises..


Built by doctors for doctors

We have your efficiency and ease in mind, so we have developed an user-friendly solution.

Built on sound technology

Danphe is built with .NET and web based open source technologies. The technology we use is industry standard, reliable and is evolving with time.

Customizable & Scalable

We built it from the bottom up, so we can customize to your needs. Also, as your business grows, Danphe can scale to meet your demands

All-in-one product

No need to have many software applications. We provide comphrehensive EHR and HMS.

Excellent Customer Support

We understand that there is no downtime in healthcare; so there is no downtime in our application.

On Premises and Cloud based services

We offer both on premises and cloud based services catering to your needs.


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