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Precision in Healthcare Information Management

Patient Administration

This system assists patients in scheduling appointments online, as well as registering walk-in patients. It facilitates the collection of demographic, insurance, and other essential information related to patients for treatment. It also incorporates billing for outpatient, inpatient, and discharge services, among others.

OPD Management

An organized OPD is crucial for managing a large number of patients attended by multiple doctors. The complete cycle of an effective OPD, from registration through patient history, diagnosis, and prescriptions, is efficiently stored and managed by DANPHE Software.

IPD Management

The Complete Inpatient Management Module efficiently handles all inpatient functionalities in your hospital, from patient registration to billing, along with comprehensive tracking of patient records.

OT Management

The Operation Theater module facilitates the scheduling of operation theaters, surgical teams, patient tracking, operation theater rosters, and notes, along with managing death and birth certificates. The purpose of OT management is to optimize the utilization of operation theaters, reduce patient wait times, and ensure timely and efficient surgical procedures.

SSF Management

This module aids in managing the Social Security Fund (SSF) insurance scheme in hospitals. It supports registration, billing, pharmacy, and claim management and is equipped with API integration with the SSF system.

Pathology Software

The Pathology Lab Management module facilitates the definition of laboratory tests, supporting fully configurable laboratory test reports that can be ordered for both outpatients and inpatients instantaneously.


The pharmacy module encompasses both central and distributed pharmacies, incorporating several functional units such as stock tracking, ordering, and receiving medicines from vendors.

Inventory Management

The inventory module spans across the entire hospital, encompassing wards, OT, pharmacy, and other departments, regulating the complete stock movement throughout the institution.

Queue Management

The queue management feature in DANPHE HIMS is utilized to manage patient queues and prioritize patient flow within the hospital. It ensures that patients are attended to promptly and efficiently, thereby reducing waiting times and enhancing patient satisfaction.

Radiology Management

The radiology module allows you to choose from multiple tests and promptly make the results available. It is designed to seamlessly integrate medical imaging into the complete clinical workflow, including registration, billing, test report entry, levels, interface with machines, and covers various reports such as radiology, X-ray, ultrasound, CT scan, and report printing, among others.

Finance And Account Management

The financial module oversees and efficiently manages the entire monetary flow, ensuring transparency and accountability to optimize financial goals.

HR & Payroll Management

The HR & Payroll Management module encompasses routine activities of HRD and tasks related to existing employees, including attendance and leave management, loan processing, TOTA registers, and onboarding of new hires, including contractual employees.

Emergency Management

The Emergency module assists in registering and managing emergency cases and patients. It tracks the triage of the patient, manages billing, and records the outcome of patients. The purpose of the module is to effectively manage emergency patients and their associated information, thereby enhancing emergency treatment and patient management.

Telehealth Application

Telehealth applications enable healthcare providers to deliver medical services remotely to patients via video conferencing or other electronic communication technologies. These applications allow healthcare providers to diagnose and treat patients who are unable to visit the clinic or hospital in person. Additionally, telehealth applications reduce the risk of infection for both patients and healthcare providers.

Health Insurance

DANPHE incorporates the GoVN-HIB module, seamlessly managing insurance processes to settle patient bills covered under insurance policies. It facilitates patient eligibility verification for reimbursement purposes, making tracking claim statuses hassle-free within our DANPHE application.

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Features Basic Advance
Patient Appointment (Web Based) & Registration System
Patient Billing System (OP/IP/Discharge etc.)
Dr. Fraction (Sharing) System- General
Dr. Fraction (Sharing) System- Dynamic
Patient Admision, Discharge and Transfer (ADT)
Laboratory Management System (LAB)
Radiology Management System
Pharmacy Management System
Procurement & Inventory Management System
Inventory Sub-Store Management System
Assets Management System
Integrated Accounting Management System
Personal (Staff) Information Management System
Staff Leave Management System
Staff Payroll Management System
Attendance Management System (Realtime Sync through Biometric Devices)
Emergency Management System
In-Patient Clinical Management System
Out-Patient Clinical Management System
Nursing Station Management System
OT Management System
Medical Discharge Summary Management System (ward-wise)
Medical Record Management System (General-Manual Entry)
Medical Record Management System (Integrated with EMR)
Patient Queue Management System
Patient Appointment (Mobile APP-Android)
Managerial Reporting with DASHBOARD
Specific ADD-ONS Integration Modules
Government Health Insurance Integration with Real time Claim Management
Social Security Fund (SSF) Integration
Ex-Servicemen Contributory Health Scheme (ECHS) Integration.
Online Payment Integration with Online Appointment System
(Digital Wallets, Debit Cards, Credit Cards etc)
Teleconsultation Platform
Online Consultation Platform (Telemedicine Service) with EMR integration
LIS & PACS Integration
LAB Machine Interfacing (Bi-Directional)
PACS Integration with DANPHE HMIS

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