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Pathology Software

Automating Processes and Enhancing Efficiency

The Pathology Lab Management module facilitates the definition of laboratory tests, supporting fully configurable laboratory test reports that can be ordered for both outpatients and inpatients instantaneously.

The system automates the entire laboratory lifecycle, including billing, daily sample collection, monitoring, carrying out pathological tests, generating test reports, managing patient information, entering diagnostic reports, printing reports, delivering reports, monitoring user access, and more. It also provides comprehensive MIS reports on total lab earnings, total test reports, cash collection, and many other metrics.


  • Receive investigation request from OP/IP department
  • Receipt printing
  • Investigation sample collection
  • Patient and test sticker printing
  • Integration with patient billing system
  • Generate investigation reports
  • Warning and alerts for abnormal reports
  • Report output to PDF
  • Report validation before dispatch


DANPHE-HMIS with EMR by Imark Digital has been offered to customers for many years, providing advantages in managing business processes more effectively. DANPHE is a 100% web-based HMIS solution available in the market with trust.

Unlike other HMIS systems on the market that offer inadequate solutions to meet hospital needs, DANPHE from Imark Digital is capable of controlling inventory, purchase orders, entry planning, accounting, human resource management, and clinical management solutions.

As we have been in the market for many years, we have always prioritized security. It has been proven that DANPHE HMIS is fully secure from various unexpected technical intrusions. The software provides valuable ways to protect the centralized database and facilitates access for relevant departments or units with accurate permissions.

The database in the system is secured in several ways:

  • Access to the system is restricted to only two entities: the admin and individuals with legal authority (user-based permissions and controls)
  • Software and module logins are effectively password protected.
  • All passwords are individually generated.
  • For security reasons, these passwords need to be changed at regular intervals.

DANPHE follows a phased-based implementation modality that facilitates timely and cost-effective service. We assert that DANPHE HMIS implementation is faster and more reliable compared to others. We provide a guarantee to our respected clients that their proposed software will go live according to defined protocols and within defined time frames.

This is an extremely deep and important question that has been asked many times by most growing industry verticals. Well, don’t worry about business size or scale, DANPHE is capable enough to easily gather each module and ensure optimum results that are in favor of the institution. We are a proven product in handling small clinics to tertiary and medical colleges, with load testing in a well-integrated business environment. DANPHE not only assists our clients in growing, but we also provide the enterprise with various feasible ways to adopt the business dynamics.

Yes, of course. Data migration is feasible in DANPHE, which is a plus point with our latest DANPHE product. In some cases and modules, the facility may not be available as per the rules of the governing body. However, doable data are migrated, and non-migrated data can be viewed as per need without any hassles, and that too in a short time frame.

In case of any inconvenience regarding software operation or implementation, our technical executives are here to resolve all system-related issues and hassles. We have a dedicated team of support engineers assigned to each hospital to take care of their needs.

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