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Pradeep Khanal, MS, MBA


Pradeep Khanal is a technology leader and social entrepreneur with deep passion in community empowerment and social impact. Mr. Khanal has 14+ years of engineering, business and leadership experience in research, design and development of products in high-tech companies that include Intel, Altera, AMD, Sematech and CAMD. Mr. Khanal has founded and led community based professional organizations as well as university-wide student organizations in the United States as well as Nepal. He has also led several capacity building and education based projects and initiatives. He served as the President of Global Nepali Professional Network (previously, Computer Association of Nepal-USA) a platform to bring professionals together. Born and raised in Nepal and currently residing in Silicon Valley, California, Mr. Khanal considers himself Nepali at heart and global in spirit. Mr. Khanal has a master’s in electrical engineering from the University of Texas, Austin and an MBA from the University of California, Berkeley.

Mr. Khanal is engaged in roadmap definition, short and long term vision/strategy and opportunity recognition for Danphe as well as imark.