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Radiology Integration system and PACS

Water Billing and accounting Software is a comprehensive system designed and developed in consultation and collaboration with Nepal Water supply and sanitation department to facilitate water supply office to manage the daily operation of office such as consumer registration, bill printing, bill paying system, consumer inquiry, and generate different reports as per the requirement of the office related to water supply. It is a modern, centralized, fully automated and integrated consumer billing and accounting system 

Why NWSC MIS system?

  • Unified system wide operations and control with consolidated information and statistics
  • Increased customer satisfaction and reduced service time.
  • Improved company image through better customer service and accurate billing.
  • Enforce law and regulation for services.
  • Account keeping of all the customers.
  • Monitoring and controlling all the issues and transactions such as account history, collections, arrears, balances etc
  • A complete administration section to manage user privilege, accessibility and authentication, along other system settings changes
  • Monitoring customer request status, follow up and escalation.
  • Apply or change meter reading maintenance request.
  • Comprehensive report generation And Many more!! 

Only solution that has been tried and tested in 10 NWSC centers in Nepal

Integrated spot billing solution - Benefits

  • In Normal Reading and Billing System, there is gap of about 8 days b/w meter reading and bill delivery. But in SPOT BILLING, this gap is eliminated, hence a benefit is obtained of preponing the due date by approx 8 days resulting in the cycle time reduction and early revenue realization.
  • In Spot billing only one time visit to consumer premises is required against the existing two visits i.e. one for reading and second for bill delivery . So it is also consumer convenient practice to adopt.
  • The Overall cost of meter reading and bill distribution will be reduced by  16 %. In normal billing Meter reading cost is Rs. 5.64, Bill distribution cost is Rs.1.39 and bill printing cost is Rs. 0.57 so total Rs.7.6 ( plus applicable service tax) is being cost towards one Meter read. 
  • The chances of wrong reading will also get reduced as readings will get verified at site itself, resulting in less stop cases, saving on RQC & BQC personale.
  • There will be reduction in consumer complaint regarding non-delivery of bills.